BP - Offshoring      Move your production

Existence-threatening energy costs, labor costs, taxes!
Do you still produce to cover costs in Germany?

EA relocation of production (BPO business process offshoring) ensures timely advantages over competitors. Countries with positive investment and location conditions are alternatives to the classics China and the USA, which are currently in a dynamic period of change . 

Paraguay offers green energy at reasonable prices and is tax attractive. 10% VAT, 10% corporate tax is the state rate here. The cheap and sustainable energy comes from hydropower.

Not only that: low labor costs , new markets , potential for development - are some other advantages of the country, which can be used intensively with the young population. BP offshoring offers many possibilities and opportunities to reduce production costs. Maybe also for your company?

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Remote Work

Do you want to have more time for important things, like your company strategy or maintaining good customer relations?

Soon, this will improve. We promise! You will receive targeted remote support from us in time-consuming areas.

For the initiation of collaboration:

  • Backoffice/Secretariat/Administration

  • Research/Text/Data Entry

As we get to know each other better:

  • CEO - Management Support

  • Digital HR/Personnel Administration (PI & Loga, HRworks, etc.)

  • Personnel Development: Online Course Management, Maintenance

  • Ideas - Problem-solving - Implemantation

  • Time Management/Timekeeping

  • Preparatory Accounting (Lexware, Datev, Addison)

Is your concern missing? We look forward to dialoguing with you.

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Speaking of US...

  • Working 100% remotely, as a proven team

  • Over 33 years of experience in management and assistance

  • Performance-oriented, reliable, professional, highly accessible

  • No hiring risk, no wages and salary costs

  • A true partner, increasing returns for our clients

  • Long-lasting client relationships

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Kai Förster Consulting     Good Solutions — Friendly People!

Marketing consulting for companies in Paraguay

Would you like to successfully place your products on the German market?

We are very familiar with the German mentality and language from 33 years of business management in Germany. A good foundation.

We offer you

  1. Setting goals and SWOT analysis
  2. Market research and competitive analysis
  3. Target group analysis
  4. Customer benefits and USP (Unique Selling Proposition)
  5. Positioning
  6. Marketing strategy and marketing plan
  7. Marketing success control

Extra: What do you already use?

Especially important for your initial contact with the customer are the right

  • Country mentality
  • Language
  • Spelling

of a presentation or image brochure. If desired, we check your material for errors and implement potential enhancing suggestions.
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Learning Systems and Seminars for your success

How do I "ruin" my presentation - and how not?

Giving a bad presentation is worse than giving no presentation at all.

  • What are your goals? Who do you want to impress?
  • How to effectively convey your message
  • How to systematically bore your audience - and how not to?
  • The art of speaking
  • Mastering technology brings confidence: Online Tools (Zoom, Teams, etc.), Projectors, PC & Co.
  • PowerPoint Basics
  • Stage fright, handling objections, blackouts
  • Now it's your turn: 3-minute short presentation with feedback

Development of Learning systems

Learning should be fun and motivating.
This is time saving in achieving your learning goals and later in practice.
We are happy to support you with projects in the learning environment or develop customized learning concepts for a rapid knowledge gain of your very best employees. We ensure the motivation to apply the newly learned skills.

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Kai Förster Consulting     Good Solutions — Friendly People!


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  • over 32 years of experience
  • Management relief and know-how in a time-saving and cost-reducing manner
  • good solutions and concepts
  • good quality at a fair price
  • well-known industrial customers are the best argument
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